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Menu is rich of delicacies of the Polish cuisine. Mainly wild game is predominant and the selection of dishes is dependent on the season. On our menu you will find dishes of roe deer, wild boar composed with diverse treats of the Forest - mushrooms, blueberries, cowberries, juniper, rowanberries as well as bison grass „zubrowa”. Russian dishes are also offered and enjoyed - buckwheat „blinis” and meat or fish „pielmieni”, solianka on the game as well as „ucha” - soup from sturgeon. Recipes come from old cookbooks and our kitchen is well-known for its diversity of gourmet tastes. For the current season we are preparing some dishes in the „Sous-vide” method -slow boiling of dishes vacuum wrapped and cooked in low temperatures in order to get the plenitude of taste advantages and nuances.