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Hors - D'Oeuvres

served with linseed oil, onions, apple mousse and fresh herbs 25,-
flavoured with ramson (wild garlic), juniper and hazelnuts and served with black currant confiture 28,-
marinated with herbs and sprinkled with ramson olive oil and grated Tsar's cheese 48,-
classic foire gras (goose livers) marinated in cognac and served with nut mustard and apples marinated in żubrówka vodka on home-baked white bread 48,-


assortment of lettuce varieties served with sliced goose-breast, orange, hazelnuts, Tsar's cheese, and fruit vinegar sauce 32,-
Assortment of lettuce varieties in linseed oil vinegar served with poached egg and pickled cucumber or kumpiak ham and koryciński cheese 32,-


tiny Russian pierogi filled with four kinds of meat or fresh water fish served with cream-vinegar sauce 28,-
buckwheat-and-wheat pancakes served with sliced smoked salmon, sour cream and lemon 30,-
stewed veal sweetbread flavoured with lemon zest and bison grass, and flambéed with żubrówka vodka 34,-
three pochettes filled with lamb meat and herbs served in broth 38,-
Buckwheat-and-wheat pancakes served with salmon caviare, quail egg, sour cream and lemon 95,-